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    About us
    Batumi Water LLC was founded in 2006 as a municipal enterprise, but has an independent balance sheet and operates on a self-financing basis. Through the municipal infrastructure rehabilitation project initiated by the Batumi City Hall, the company is in the leading position in the area of ​​special equipment and techniques in the region. Modern equipment and a team of highly qualified staff enables the company to treat water according to established standards and provide Batumi residents, government agencies, industrial and commercial facilities.

    Company activities include:
    • Operation of 650 km long water and sewage network and timely elimination of damages;
    • Operation of Chakvi and Chausbani water intakes;
    • Proper operation of the Salibauri and Injalo reservoirs and mezinistskali pumping station;
    • 9 Wastewater pumping station operation;
    • Operation of Adlia WWTP and laboratory control of purified water discharge into the sea;
    • Laboratory control of water coming out of intakes and taps;
    • Communicate with customers about water production, network failures and planned works;

    Batumi Water Company values ​​the importance of human capital and continuous care to raise the level of qualification of its employees. The company's 488-strong team is mainly responsible for the proper operation of the water supply and sewage system in Batumi and the surrounding area and supplies drinking water to 220,000 residents 24 hours a day.


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