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    Batumi Municipality, together with Batumi Water LLC, has started the construction of a new Batumi sewage network in 2007 under a project funded by the German Bank for Reconstruction.

    Batumi Water LLC operates twelve sewage pumping stations: A and B stations (located in Batumi), Pump stations in Akhalisopeli, Kvariati, sarpi and four pumping stations in Gonio, P/S on Gogebashvili street and two new stations in BNZ and Bartskhana settlements. Reconstruction of the A and B sewage pumps was carried out in 2009 as part of the project, while the rest of the pumps were started in 2011 and completed in 2012. The purpose of sewage pumps is to collect sewage and pump it into the Adlia Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    Construction of one of the most complex and large-scale facilities, the WWTP, began in 2010. The project was created by the Austrian company Posch & Partner Hydro Ingenieure, while the German Bank for Reconstruction funded 17 million euros. The WWTP was completed in 2012. It is difficult to find an analogue in the region from an ecological point of view.

    • During primary mechanical cleaning, the wastewater is removed from the sand, grease, and debris, and then the sludge is collected and stabilized.

    • During secondary mechanical cleaning, the water will be removed from the secondary sludge in the final ponds

    Daily monitoring of purified water is carried out by Adlia Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory, in accordance with EU standard - sea level purified water standards.