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    Water Supply

    The extraction of clean drinking water and its distribution to the consumer is a complex process where “Batumis Tskali” Ltd invests a great deal of resources. The main artery of “Batumis Tskalii” are the water intakes in Chakvi and Chaisubani where water is taken through surface dams.

    Water supply departments of “Batumis Tskali” Ltd include Chakvi, Chaisubani and Mejinistskali intakes, Reservoirs in Salibauri and Injalo which supply the city of Batumi, Chakvi, Makhinjauri and Khlevachauri with approximately 3 140 000 მ3 of water per month from all three intakes.

    Approximately 1160 l/s of untreated raw water is extracted at Chakvi water intake, through the surface dams, which then flows into sedimentation tanks from which it flows through 1200 dm of pipe, and the first chlorination occurs

    During every heavy rain, twater inlet and sand holder are washed as planned once a month, filters are washed every day . Filters are washed using Tower(tank) with the volume of 360 m3 , which is filled with the pumps with the productivity of 320m3/h with 75KW/motor.

    During rains, if turbulence increases, the water supply is interrupted because the filters cannot cope with proper cleaning.

    Filters are washed by a semi-automatic method, according to the principle of keys; when revolving the key for the first time, incoming shield of the washable filter closes, the protective valve opens, and the valves going to the clean water tank are closed; when the key is rotated again, a compressor is turned on, with the power of which air enters in fractions; the next time the key is turned on, the water pumps turn on for 12-13 minutes, and the fourth rotation turns off the compressor; The water pump runs for about 15 minutes before cleaning the filter.

    Salibauri and Injalo Reservoirs, total volume of which is 20000m3 supply the population of the city of Batumi, metered customers with approximately 51000 m3/ of water 24 hours while the water intakes of Chakvi and Chaisubani are working at full load from Injalo Reservoir. Water supply to the customers of old network in daba Khelvachauri is provided from Mejinistskali intake. In the event of a water supply interruption, the customers of the old networks - Boni, BNZ, Gorodoki - are supplied with a reverse flow from the Injalo reservoir through a pipeline to Chakvi, and the central line valve with a diameter of 1200 mm closes in BNZ.

    Mejinistskali intake mainly serves as a back-up supplies in emergency situations. for instance: if the water supply from Chakvi intake to Injalo reservoir is interrupted and there is not enough water and the level of water in the reservoir is 3m, then this level is increased from Mejinistskali. There are 22 operating underground wellfields which are equipped with the pump with the capacity of 30KW and the speed of 160m3/h among which one is a spare and only two of them can be launched.


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